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20 Ideas & Examples: What to Post On Facebook

Time and time again I hear the same problem from clients…

“But I don’t even know what to post.”

Starting is always hard.

So here are 20 easy ideas and examples of what to post on Facebook you can start using for your business today!

1. Pets

I haven’t met someone yet who doesn’t like seeing pictures of pets online. People just can’t resist pictures of pets.

2. Company News

One of the main reasons people follow you is to find out more about you!

They want to know who you are as a company.

Share with your followers updates about new hires, new product developments, new campaigns and anything else newsworthy. 

3. TGIF/Case of the Mondays/Hump Day

These are great because you’re tapping into what people are already feeling.

People love to engage with these types of posts – especially on Mondays and Fridays as these are the days when people are most on Facebook during the day.

4. Influencers

If you can get an influencer to speak well about your business, you’ll be astounded at the impact it can have.

You’re obviously not going to get Richard Branson (unless you know him and in which case, can I say hello?) but go for smaller influencers in your area who compliment your target market.

5. Recipes

This all depends on the type of business you have but don’t be put off if you work in accounting for example.

You might have an employee who makes a superb Victoria Sponge – showcase it!

You’ll be showing the personality of your business by sharing with your followers about Amy’s to-die-for cake.

6. Themed Content

Facebook is here to compliment your business’ strategy.

If you’re trying to highlight a certain product or service, expand the awareness to Facebook.

For example, if you’re introducing a new line of children’s clothing, spend that month pushing out child-focused Facebook posts.

7. User-Generated Content

Simple but effective. If you share the content of your followers, they’ll be stoked!

Look for related posts from people within your target market – just make sure to ask their permission by shooting them a Direct Message.

Instagram is great for this.

8. Products

Now I know you’re on Facebook to drive business so when I say don’t overuse this type of post, trust me.

Posting just plain pictures of your products isn’t interesting.

Even if you are super passionate about them.

Focus on making them look appealing.

Be creative in how you present them.

Show your product in action.

9. Responses in the Comments

I always advocate that half the job on Facebook is directly engaging with your followers.

After all, it is a social network.

Try to respond to everyone who comments because it shows you care and it encourages others to comment.

People aren’t commenting? Ask a question in the comments.

Start a conversation!

You can even add some personality to your replies by using memes and gifs.

10. High-Quality Images

This again is a simple yet super effective type of post but one that small businesses fail to use.

Use high-quality images that are the right size.

It looks wayyyyy more professional and people with respect you more as a brand. 

11. Polls

It’s a well known fact people like to give their two cents online.

Literally just putting a question asking for their response is just too hard to resist for most people.

It’s great also because a lot of the time you see people debate over differences in opinion.

My one piece of advice would be to avoid this controversial subjects.

Unless you think it can be handled tactfully.

But always NO religion and NO politics.

12. Facebook Live

I’m sure you’re tired of me saying it but this is the go-to tactic for success on Facebook at the moment.

Facebook rewards you for using Facebook Live in its newsfeed algorithm, which means more people will see your video than any other type of content you put out there.

Your followers will love the casual, behind-the-scenes look at you and your company.

Take the leap!

13. Video

Not only is just Live video boosted, so is normal video.

A word of warning however – if you’re going to do it poorly, don’t do it at all.

There are many great tools out there now that are free and simple to use when creating professional looking videos that you can shoot on just your iPhone.

Video will really boost your engagement and give you a bump in respect for your brand online.

14. Transparency Content

Transparency content are posts that put a face to your business.

After all, Facebook is a social platform and your followers want to see the people behind it.

So create some behind-the-scenes style posts and show how you run your business on day-to-day.

It’s a great way to build trust with your followers.

15. Questions

If you ask someone a question, we wired to answer it.

This is why questions have been a constant, successful strategy on Facebook. 

16. Holidays & Current Events

You should always be thinking about what your followers are thinking and feeling.

Similar to the Monday blues and TGIF – current events and holidays are at the forefront of your followers minds.

Don’t just involve the traditional stuff either.

Have fun and get creative with it.

Last month, there was a day called “Eat What You Want Day”.


One key formula for Facebook content is: Education + Entertainment = Edutainment.

When you’re educating and entertaining your followers at the same time, you’ve created one of the holy grail of posts.

People love to share this kind of content.

Create simple image quotes on Canva for free.

18. How-To Guides

Consumers want more now online.

They want more and more information before they decide to make a purchase.

So businesses like yours need to be giving away more value online and this can be done in the style of How-To Guides.

Similarly, you can also create infographics and videos.

19. Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

If your business isn’t ding charitable work in the local community, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Not only is it good for the community, it’s great for building your reputation as caring about the people you deal with.

So get involved in fundraising and document the journey on Facebook.

20. Customer Support

It’s more than likely that you’ll be hit with negative feedback at some point.

You can’t please everyone.

But what matters is how you deal with it.

People are turning more and more to social media to get their questions and thoughts heard.

So be there to listen. 

Did you find this helpful?

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