Somerset Chamber of Commerce | Harriet Brine
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Somerset Chamber of Commerce

Social Media
About This Project

“We recently asked Harriet to manage our Twitter account during a particularly busy period for our team and she’s done a great job!  Harriet’s communication with our staff, the understanding of our organisation and our members as well as her proactive approach to sharing relevant information have meant that rather than our social media being put to the bottom of the to-do pile, we’ve been able to keep and indeed grow our following on social media.”


Somerset Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based business support organisation which promotes and lobbies for business development in Somerset.


I came on board as a temporary Social Media Manager for their Twitter account.


Highlights included:

  • 33% increase in the Engagement Rate
  • 418% increase in average monthly Retweets
  • 474% increase in average monthly Impressions