Facebook Introduces “Hello” Feature | Harriet Brine
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Facebook Introduces “Hello” Feature

Remember an age ago when you’d get poked on Facebook?

It’s not a great memory for me either.

It appeared that the Poke had died out years ago. I for one was happy to see the end of the back and forth poke war. 

However, Facebook seems to think there’s some merit to it so are trying to revive it disguised as a friendly “Hello!”.

Back in December 2016, Facebook tested a feature called “Send a Wave” just for users in the US. 

Last Friday, it graced us in the UK.

Users began to see a “Hello” button pop up on their friends’ Timelines.

So what exactly does it do?

In a similar fashion to the Poke, when you click the “Hello” button – you’re friend will get a notification with a waving hand and a burst of confetti asking you to say hello back.

A Facebook representative was quoted by Mashable saying, “Saying hello is one of the most universal things people do, so we’re testing a feature that makes it easier to say hi on Facebook.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to get in touch with friends unless I have something to say.

Throwing a bunch of confetti at someone, screaming “HELLO!” seems pointless.

No doubt it will be a novelty.

And will last in popularity as long as the Poke.

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