16 Essential Online Marketing Habits | Harriet Brine
Online marketing can seem a little daunting, especially if you're just starting out. But not to worry... I've got your back! Here's a list of 16 essential online marketing habits that...
essential online marketing habits
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16 Essential Online Marketing Habits

Online marketing can seem a little daunting, especially if you’re just starting out.

But not to worry…

I’ve got your back!

Here’s a list of 16 essential online marketing habits that will help you succeed with your small business online.

Enjoy and let me know your favourite in the comments!

1. Write A Blog & Share Helpful Info Weekly

It might seem like a lot of effort but it’s a lot simpler than you might think!

Why not spend an afternoon brainstorming ideas, choose 12 of the best and write them out?

Then schedule them to go out weekly and you have 12 weeks of blog content!

2. Listen To Your Customers

Social media is a great tool for listening to what your customers want.

Read their comments, suggestions and questions for ideas on how best to serve them.

Even better, why not just ask them straight out?

You’d then have a list of pain points for them that you can solve!

3. Create A Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook business page can lead to more exposure, helps you build your customer base and increase your web traffic…

So why haven’t you done it yet?!

Just make sure you fill out your business information correctly (i.e. Opening Hours, Contact Number, etc).

Especially if you don’t have a website, people will go to Facebook next to search for you.

(Did you know I offer free website reviews by the way?)

4. Create An Instagram Profile

Nothing is better than great visuals to promote your business.

You can showcase your products, show how they’re made, take your customer’s behind the scenes..

There’s so much you can do!

And with the help of hashtags, who knows how far you can spread your business?

5. Create A Google+ Page

Google+ isn’t a social media platform that is used often by the average Joe.

But if you use it for your business, Google will reward you!

It’s been shown to increase your Google search rankings if you have a Google+ profile.

Why not give it a go?

6. Use Social Media To Engage Customers

Social media is the greatest tool to have a two-way conversation directly with your customers.

Listen to what your customers are saying.

Read their comments.

Search on social media for keywords for your industry.

Then craft posts that start conversations with them.

7. Send An Email Newsletter

Even if you don’t already have a list, you can accumulate previous customer emails from their orders.

With free easy to use platforms like Mail Chimp, you can let your customers know about new products, special offers and any promotional news.

8. Use Social Media As A Customer Service Tool

More and more nowadays, customers will use social media to ask your business a question.

Don’t ignore these people!

People want instantaneous answers and answering quickly back on social media will win you brownie points.

9. Offer A Discount Or Special Offer

Give those customers who are on the edge of trusting you online a little push.

Everyone loves an offer!

It also rewards your loyal customers.


10. Post Testimonials

Ask your recent or recurring customers for a short testimonial.

Then post it on your social media outlets.

You can also add them to your website to really convert those visitors.

11. Sponsor A Cause Or Local Event

What better way to really get your name out there and build trust with your customers then to sponsor a cause or local event?

Make sure you let your customers know!

Take pictures of the event/cause and post them to your social media.

12. Get Interviewed By A Local Paper/Magazine

They love showcasing local people and businesses.

Jot down ideas about what could be an interesting story.

Do you have an anniversary coming up?

Or a new product/service that’s different?

Think like a journalist and give your local newspapers and magazines a call and pitch them the ideas.

Hate calling? Why not send an email instead.

13. Use SEO To Drive Traffic

Don’t worry thinking it’s too complicated number one.

There are lots of things you can do to increase your search rankings if you have no clue what to do!

Check out my article on Simple SEO Tips for Small Businesses.

14. Check Out The Competition

Research what the best competition are doing.

Or even bigger national companies who you aspire to be like.

See what kind of things they are doing and remodel it for your business.

Why create something new when you can reuse what you know already works?

15. Use Videos 

This may seem like a big thing that you can’t do.

But you can!

And I urge you to.

Video has blown up this year and you’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you aren’t doing it.

People are more likely to engage with you if you create a video.

And it doesn’t have to be anything complicated.

You can introduce your team, interviews with clients or how-to tutorials.

16. Create Your Own Facebook Group

Get all your customers together in one space and target them with all your great content!

It’s a fantastic way to ask them what they want.

Looking for help with your marketing? Get your FREE marketing review!


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