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6 Behaviours To Avoid On Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media has become part of most people’s daily lives – 2.8 billion to be exact. Every day.

It is the largest gathering of the world’s population and any business who isn’t using social media yet is seriously hindering their efforts.

The below points aren’t just my opinion.

They are fact.

A survey from Sprout Social with over 1,000 participants found that there are six big social media mistakes that a business can make.

Why is it important for you to know?

Because if you make any of these mistakes, you can quickly lose those important followers.

More importantly – those potential customers.

1. Having Too Many Promotional Messages

The survey found that 58% of participants are annoyed by too many promotional messages.

This is something I always tell my clients.

Promotion of your products/services should only be 5-10% of your posts.

Nobody else cares about what you sell apart from you.

I know it sounds mean but it’s true.

You may have good intentions of letting them know about everything you can offer.

But posting promotion after promotion overwhelms your audience with too many actions and options.

And it’s downright off-putting.

Which means they end up taking NO action.

On the flip side of that…

85% of participants said they need to see a product/service multiple times on social media before they purchase.

So there’s harm in posting too little also.

It’s about finding the sweet spot and getting the right mix of posts in your strategy.

Too much and they’ll be put off.

Too little and they will miss or forget your message entirely.

2. Posting Irrelevant Information

Basically, don’t post stuff that has little to do with what your should be posting about.

41% of participants said they unfollow when they read too much irrelevant information from accounts they follow.

It’s always good to post something out of the box sometimes.

However, it still needs to have some relevance to what your account is about.

I’ve seen time and time again businesses trying to relate with their audience.

Which is great.

But not at the expense of your reputation or relevancy.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t be resharing or retweeting links with checking their credibility.

Don’t fall victim to sending out span, click-bait or junky posts and links to your audience.

They’ll be out the door before you have time to convince them otherwise.

This point is really down to common sense.

Just think before you post.

Are my audience really going to be interested in this?

Is this really relevant to my business?

3. Tweeting Too Much

We’re always told to tweet as often as we like.

Something in the region of 15-20 tweets a day is the going recommendation.

But that thought has been turned on its’ head.

35% of participants said tweeting too much was one of the reasons why they would unfollow an account.

However, I don’t think it’s just to do with tweeting too much.

I think a point like this goes hand in hand with relevancy again.

If you’re tweeting a lot but your tweets are relevant to your followers needs or interests, then they are unlikely to unfollow you.

Because they find you interesting and useful.

But if you’re tweeting a lot and you’re spewing information that they really just couldn’t give too hoots about, do you think they’ll be in a hurry to unfollow you?

Of course they will!

Because we have so many choices in today’s world.

They’ll just leave you for a better Twitter account.

Who can fulfil their needs and interests.

4. Using Slang/Jargon Awkwardly

I don’t consider myself to be old.

(I also don’t consider myself to be young.)

But I had no idea what “Basic” or “Slay” or “Bae” meant until my younger siblings told me.

I definitely wouldn’t try and use them on social media.

Too often, businesses try and connect with a younger audience by using their language.

This is also true for trying to fit in with other types of audiences.

30% of participants found this annoying and downright embarrassing.

And would unfollow an account just for this.

If they think you’re being too pretentious or over-exerting yourselves to the point of awkwardness – they’ll be gone.

If you’re audience are millennials, learn properly how to use their language seamlessly.

You don’t want your followers to think of you as an adult experiencing an uncool Dad moment by overusing words like “on fleek”.

Again, this doesn’t just apply to the younger generation.

Even industries trying too hard to appear authoritative by overusing convoluted jargon are victims of this.

The only way to fix this?

Learn how to use the slang/jargon correctly for your industry.

You good bro?

5. Being Too Quiet

You’re probably feeling like you can’t win with these fussy social media followers by now.

Even more so when I tell you that not only will they unfollow you if you post too much, if you post too little they’ll leave you as well.

18% of participants said they would weed out the quiet posters from their list of following mainly due to them not producing content anymore.

If you don’t post enough, you will just disappear into obscurity.

You will become irrelevant.

Lost for what to post about?

I always advocate doing a little research and getting some inspiration from leaders in your industry or looking to your competition.

See what types of content they post regularly.

You can also take cues from what’s trending on social media at the moment.

This tends to change on a daily basis so there’s always new things to talk about.

Only if it’s relevant though!

6. Not Replying To Messages

People more and more turn to social media for their customer service queries.

Social media is a great way to reach out instantly to others.

So it’s unsurprising that many now message businesses on social media to ask questions or raise complaints.

And not replying can really tick them off.

And put them off you.

15% of participants say that not replying to them is reason enough to unfollow someone.

To them, not replying is like calling a customer service line that just keeps ringing with the occasional pre-recorded voice saying, “Your call is important to us…”

It makes you seem unreachable to your followers.

The worse part here is that not only is it harmful to your follower count but also your reputation.

Don’t forget that these platforms were designed to be social.

Connect with them.

Answer their questions.

Address their concerns.

You wouldn’t ignore them if they walked into your shop/office.

So don’t do it online.

Are you guilty of doing any of these? Did I miss any bad behaviours?

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